What is a brand?

In marketing the word “brand” conveys something which has its own identity and which can be presented even without a concrete product. Good examples of this would be Apple or CocaCola.

The term “brand” does not just involve a logo and product portfolio but also how the customers perceive the brand.

The significance of loyalty of fans

The internet is an extremely competitive environment and the significance of brands is now higher than ever. It is always possible to find someone offering the same product or service at a cheaper price. The customer has to therefore be given another reason why they should only but from you.

Today, many customers do not decide only on the basis of price, but are also interested in your philosophy and whether you manufacture in an environmentally-friendly manner – they want to hear your story. If they are in sympathy with your idea they will probably return.

Brand development online

1. Persona

Present your brand like a person. Would you go for a coffee with this person? A company that is just out to make a quick buck, concerned only with profit and not putting much into customer service, is not going to be popular with customers. In the same way you are not going to want to sit down with an old misanthropic accountant, who no doubt is good at their job but who gives the impression of having a calculator in place of a heart.

Show the customer an image of your company with which they can sympathise. We are more influenced by a good impression than by a telephone book of references.

2. Story

We all love a good story. Why write a text “About Us” as though it were a structured CV, when it can be a dramatic tale of your vision. This is also a way to sell your products and services.

3. Friendship

For your customer you should be a friend – someone they can always turn to with any problem. How do you maintain your friendships in real life? By keeping in touch! Be on social networks, write a blog and communicate with customers even about the little things that interest them. With time you will build up a strong community of fans who will talk about you. And this kind of recommendation is always the best.

4. Customer problems

Keep in mind that your services or products have to solve the customer’s problems, in which case they will buy them. Sell with this idea. And always go out of your way to help the customer solve these problems. FAQs can help, as well sharing your tips and suggestions for how to prevent problems. All this will please the customer and help to support a positive picture of your brand.



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