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Content is not just text

If you create content for web pages you will constantly be hearing about copywriting. Copywriting is the creation of texts especially intended for websites. It has been shown that we read differently on the web than for example in a magazine. Most of us first scan an article on the internet looking for specific pieces of information. Only then do we read the parts of the text that we think will be of benefit for us.

Text for the web must have different structure, it is divided into shorter paragraphs, important information is highlighted in bold, etc. Since the user has less chance to interact on a website than when buying in a shop, and therefore it is necessary for the text being sufficiently attractive that the reader cannot tear his eyes away. A copywriter prepares such texts precisely to the requirements of your target groups.

Content is not only text, but is also made up of attention-grabbing images, videos and recently more and more often infographics. In recent years there has been a constant strong growth in so-called content marketing, which focuses on the creation of a content strategy for all communication channels and in all possible formats.

Why content is important

The customer is overwhelmed with information. On every side he sees adverts and unrivalled offers, which apparently he must not pass up. It is possible he will buy from you, but unless you give the customer something a little bit extra than you competition he may never return. So try to give the customer added value in the form of interesting content.

Out of interest, the first content campaign was created in 1891. So it is nothing new. A certain little known inventor of a baking powder began to put printed recipes on the packages of his products, later even publishing a cookery book. In the last 100 years it has sold more than 19 million copies and the products are sold around the world. We are talking of the brand Dr Oetker – you must have heard of it.

Content is what will attract the customer and persuade them to return. Quality content increases the loyalty of the customer to your brand. And last but not least – search engines always value original content.

Means of spreading your own content are nowadays countless so you should not be scared to start writing a blog, shoot a video, publish case studies, or write e-books, all of which you should not be frightened of mentioning in your e-mails. What is however essential is that the creation of new content should always be preceded by careful preparation and the creation of a strategy.



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