Higher visit rates

The importance of visit rates

It is not always the case that higher visit rates mean more profit. In the case of a well-targeted microsite however it is!

Due to their single-minded specialisation and optimisation microsites bring in exactly those customers for whom they were prepared and therefore they always find what they were looking for, and will regularly buy from you.  

How a microsite increases the visit rate

The microsite is optimised for specific terms which the user seeks. In the results of organic search they will therefore achieve a higher position than your official site, which deals with a greater amount of projects or themes in its content. Links, buttons and forms then direct visitors directly to the official site.

For example the microsites for the fuski.cz e-shop thanks to optimisation bring in from the search engines more than 3 500 unique visitors monthly and generates a whole third of all orders.

Microsite optimisation

The optimising of a site to suit both the user and the search engine is a science. The algorithms of search engines take account of a great deal of data ranging from content, design, via link profile all the way to metatags. A quality analysis of key words is the first step toward optimisation.

A microsite can be optimised also for searches for the so-called long tail of key words. A general key word might be for example “Prague property”, but the long tail would include “four-bedroom house in Suchdol”. They are highly specific and long terms, which however have a high conversion rate. The customer already knows what he wants and has only to decide where to get it. So why should it not be from you?

Using selected key words a text can be created which will help the customer with their purchases. It is also possible to adjust the design and the overall impression of the site to make the target group comfortable with it, have not trouble finding their way around – in short so that they find exactly what they want.

The microsite and backlinks

Seznam and Google take account when displaying results also of the so-called backlink profile. If there a large number of links to you on relevant websites and generally you are talked about on the internet then you probably have quality products and services and thus plus points. Of course it must be a quality link profile.

A microsite has its unique content and domain, thematically corresponds to your business and links to your official website or e-shop. Thanks to this you can gain further relevant backlinks. And that is something that the search engines are keen on.



Is a microsite also for you?

A microsite supports the sales of every product or service. We will see what your potential is and at an exploratory meeting we will advise you about what a microsite might do for you.

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