Responsive Design

What is responsive design?

Responsive design adjusts the webpage to the size of the monitor or display so that the user does not have to scroll horizontally. Individual elements of the page are aligned beneath each other and the content remains completely unchanged.

Properly optimised pages should also take into account how they are used – that is to take into account the user’s experience while browsing. Most often this means the size and arrangement of the text so that it can be read even on the small display of a smartphone.

Aside from this model there is also so-called adaptive design. In this case the user displays the content according to the equipment detected. It does not detect only the size of the display, but also its properties and technology. According to the information the server then delivers to the user in such a way as for the website to be functional and usable on the given equipment and the content sufficiently attractive. AitomCMS5 can manage without difficulty both adaptive and responsive design so do not hesitate to ask us about it.

The significance of design for SEO

The world’s biggest search engine, Google, has since 2015 used an algorithm which takes into account whether a given website is responsive or not. It favours responsive websites and displays them higher to all users. A great advantage of responsive design is also that it in no way alters the URL address, so if you already have quality content you cannot lose anything – only gain those extra plusses.

Keep in mind however that you are designing your website for the searcher but for the user. If you provide them with more comfortable webpages in terms of ease of use, they will stay with you and return to you. In the professional jargon we talk of UX or User Experience.

Why will your website not get by without responsive design?

Responsive design is above all a huge competitive advantage. Google has stated that more than 28% of all searches are made from mobile phones. Already in 2010 sales of smartphones exceeded those of PCs. And in 2014 for the first time in history more people were connected to the internet through their phones than through PCs.

These trends are not going to be reversed in the coming years. If you still want to be in the game on the internet you cannot do without responsive design.



Is a microsite also for you?

A microsite supports the sales of every product or service. We will see what your potential is and at an exploratory meeting we will advise you about what a microsite might do for you.

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